Okay so this really isn't anything too big or whatever, but just simply a request for those on the wiki that don't already know this since I've adopted a rather large role in tending to the wiki's images and therefore some of this stuff irks me from time-to-time. I wanted to bring this whole image thing up so hopefully everyone will see it and understand the rules with images on the wiki. Oh, and before anyone asks "well how do you know this?", I've simply referred to the rules & guidelines/manual of style, experience (because ch'yeah I've had my fair share of killing some admins' nerves when I was newer [ha ha but I love you guys inexplicably <3]), and the wiki activity. So pleeeaaase just take a few moments to read this: I'd really appreciate it. (:

  • THE IMAGE ITSELF/CONTENT.  Please remember that .gifs are not supported on the wiki on actual articles. I've found a looot of .gifs in the galleries, and I'm quite sure I've missed plenty of others. Sure, you just see a thumbnail on the page itself, but of course when you actually open the image, it's a .gif. As well, please consider how alike a picture you wish to upload may look to another. Is it just from a slightly different angle? Then there's really no need to upload it.
  • CATEGORIZATION.  I've noticed a ridiculous rise in duplicate pictures lately, which can easily be avoided, honestly: But you need to do your own part by categorizing what you upload in order for other members to know if the picture already exists or not. How to categorize? Simply upload your image and afterwards, click on its title. This will take you to the image's "page," and at the bottom you'll see "add categories." I myself had some biiiig confusion with proper categorization in the past, but I've got the grasp now (big thanks, Alessa<3) and am just going to use a Pyramid Head picture I uploaded a few hours ago as an example: It's proper categories would be "Silent Hill 2 images" (game the scene takes place), "Pyramid Head images" (creature featured), and "Wood Side images" (location of image). Something like "monster images" is not acceptable because this leads to a sub-category. You have to be more specific.
  • CROPPING.  This was only more recently introduced to the wiki, but cropping images is now mandatory and for good reasons, honestly: It elimates an unneeded (usually black) border, which can so easily be improved on the simplest of editing programs just by, as titled, cropping it out to get rid of that "widescreen" appearance. Please don't get lazy: Crop your picture before uploading, don't leave it up to someone else! Since I heard about the rule I've been clicking "random page" like mad and cropping old pictures to reinforce the rule, and to be honest it's a bit aggravating when I see new images come to the wiki that have failed to be cropped.

It's nutritious.

Thank you for reading! Just for doing so, here's your free chocolate milk from psycho pyro.

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