Ah, thought it'd be an interesting subject to discuss. :D I found it suitable as a blog in opposition to a forum discussion, seeing as I doubt this will launch into a serious conversation regarding the Hill or anything. Probably just a short-lived blog among us crazed fans, ha ha. But if any of the admins feel it doesn't truly fit blog criteria or anything of the sort don't hesitate to do your thing. (:

So, Do You?

I just wanted to see which other fans out there collected Silent Hill memorabilia. :D Talk briefly about our collections, what we still wish for, all that good stuff... and perhaps even introduce other fans to SH material we're all gonna wish we had afterwards. Immediately. FUN FUN. Oh, also, tell us what got you into the saga to begin with! (:

My Mother Only Supports This Fetish Because At Least I'm Not Addicted to Drugs

... True story bro. EHEM.


  • GAMES:
    • Silent Hill 1. I sadly do not have the physical disk due to the prices of PS1 games through online shopping are pure ridiculousness, but thank God I have it installed into my PS3. Very thoughtful Christmas present from the lovely boyfriend.♥ Now he wants to buy the actual copy of the game his older brother has (he's selling his PS1 games) for me, since hey, collectors know how it is: You like to have something in your hand. And oh he knows it, because my SH fetish is just as severe as his Joker one, ha ha. But still, he's a sweetheart. ;U; <3
    • Silent Hill 2: PS2 Greatest Hits Edition. First SH game I physically bought... so therefore it is bloody CHERISHED to me.<3 I bought it literally mere days after my boyfriend and I played SH1 together at his house. xD
    • Silent Hill 3: Two-Disc Edition (PS2). After devouring SH2, this was next buddy. It had the game and beautiful soundtrack. This game came with the actual cover too, which is on my wall.
    • Silent Hill 4: The Room (PS2). ... I'm being serious as hell here. I was eating those effing games up.
    • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PS2). The store at that given time didn't have Origins in stock, so this was next. Great, unique approach too.
    • Silent Hill: Origins (PS2). Took 'em long enough, but GameStop finally got it in, hehe. AND IT WAS MEIN.<3
    • Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3). Heh, my mom actually got me Downpour for Christmas- she's forgotten I'd told her Homecoming was next in the saga. xD And because I'm a freak about playing the game in order, I waited 'til I could buy it from GameStop. Like SH3, this came with the cover and stays on me wall.<3
    • Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3). You guys. Have no idea. Of the torment I endured while I had this game but not Homecoming. I was veeery tempted to just break my rule and play it. xD
    • Silent Hill: The Escape (APP). Damn right that was the first game I bought on my iPhone, screwTemple Run for the time being. :T
    • Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Nooot sure if this technically counts... I bought it on PSN, thinking that IF IT'S ON MY PS3'S PSN, I SHOOOOUUUUULD BE ABLE TO PLAY IT, YA'KNOW. WELL NO. I CAN'T PLAY THE DAMN THING. SCREW YOU, VITAS.
    • Silent Hill Manga (APP). Aaand this was the second thing I bought on my iPhone, ha ha. It's an app that contains all SH comics to date, with Japanese editions too. ... Which obviously I cannot read.
    • Silent Hill (film). Easter present. :D The case sits against the left side of my TV with a veeeery well-used disc inside, ha ha.
    • Silent Hill: Revelation (film). The day this came out. THE DAY IT CAME OUT. I was in that store and swooped that damn thing up you guys.<3 This one sits to the right of my television, sort of to follow the first film.
    • Pyramid Head shirt (SH2-version). I swear when I got this for Christmas I almost lost my virginity to a shirt. ._. Ha ha, it's a black shirt with PH making a bloody heart with his hands... and am actually wearing it now, ha ha. ... Oh, someone once thought it was a KKK shirt. Noobs. ._.
    • Silent Hill: Homecoming playing cards. They have never and will never be played. They sit on my shelf in all their glory. They will not be touched. Why? Because within them is royalty I am so immensely unworthy to practically molest. I am unworthy. UNWORTYYYYYYY.
    • Halo of the Sun necklace. Oh Lord how I love this thing.<3 It's a beautiful bottlecap necklace with the Halo of the Sun perfectly printed behind a covering... love iiiiiit.♥ I wear it very frequently, but when I don't it's straightened out in front of my television, inbetween the two SH movies. Someone mistook me for a Wiccan one time when I wore it... lmao. Oh well. :T
    • (2) Pyramid Head phone charms (Homecoming version). Well first I got one offline. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. ... But didn't go to my iPhone. But guess who didn't care, 'cuz that bad boy dominates my keychain. XD Ha, my boyfriend actually got one for me too: He had no idea I'd already ordered one, but pf, did NOT care and Jason knew it. xD The second one is still in the case, hanging on the wall.<3
    • Silent Hill: Homecoming armband. Effing amazing leather wrist/armband that awesome boyfriend got on my birthday.<3 He knows me so well, right? xD It's black with red designs of Pyramid Head, a nurse, and the Halo of the Sun all in the Homecoming style, "Silent Hill" being written vertically wear you snap it on.
    • Pyramid Head iPhone cover (Revelation). ... This is why I love looking at my phone. xD It's a picture of him in the asylum hallway with all the patients, sword extended forward. You know, the most common pic you probably saw of him when the movie first hit. Originally I actually tried ordering a different PH cover, but the seller had set the codes very ambiguously and disorderly... The one I wanted was an image of Pyramid Head outside the entrance of Lakeside Amusement Park, sword also extended forward on the ground, due to the whole 3D aspect of the movie. Thus far, I've only found this image available as a German poster, so I was SEEEERIOUSLY in love with the phone cover, but when the mum and I tried making sense of the shitty ordering of the seller, we ended up with the wrong one. Buuuut I did not care... it was still a PH phone case. Seriously. And besides that, if we didn't understand the order the first time we ordered it, exchanging it might've ended with no better results, so I was more than happy to just keep it.
    • Silent Hill 2 PS3 theme. Should've been worth more than 99 cents. But I was not complaining.
    • Silent Hill 3 poster. Great poster of Heather and Valtiel; it's the same design as the disc cover of the game.

       WISHLIST: ♥

  • Robbie the Rabbit plushie. ... Of course I will probably molest the poor thing in my sleep but IT'S ROBBIE YOU GUYS. Brittany go to a hospital you need help you're such a mental case god.
  • SH2 Pillow: "James Sunderland's Secret Weapon." /cue Claudia nagging. "You mock the victim of a man's sick wrath? You'll go to Hell, Brittany." WELL I JUST DON'T CARE.
  • Silent Hill Shirt: "Don't complain to me about stupid items until you've played a Silent Hill game." Truedat, huh? Ha ha, I freaking adore that shirt... it has that quote with the SH3 hanger beneath it. Love it. xD
  • Silent Hill Valtiel statue. After the PH statue, this one's next on my list... I LOVE the thing.<3 So intricate and just... ugh. Daydreaming here.
  • ... You know I really need to just stop here before I go on forever and ever and never shut the hell up because jeez we're all SH fanatics WE ALL WANT ERRYTHING REGARDING THE HILL.


"Well, my brother played a really cool horror game once when I was maybe four, called 'Silent Hill.' All I can really remember is that you're a man trapped in a town, looking for your daughter with unearthly monster and ridiculous fog. I mean even with a flashlight you could barely see two feet in front of you. ... I loved the game but of course as four-year-old I nearly shit my pants. We could play that together."

Boyfriend shoulda neeeever said that. That's what started it all. XD We played the game in two days, me totally hooked on it. The ending confused me to death however, primarily because he got the worst ending, ha ha... So safe to say we looked it up online to clear things up (and also watched all the endings), and it literally took me hours to grasp the concept. "Okay so Cheryl was really Alessa the whole time, but at the same time, not. Lisa was either a puppet nurse or died of a drug overdose. Harry didn't die in the car crash. Samael is (blah blah blah, all the speculations inserted here)." But it just... got to me. I mean I've been a gamer all my life, guys. It started with me being addicted to Spyro the Dragon as a little girl, fanatical about dragons and fantasy. But as I grew older, I started wanting more of a story... something that really had something deep in it, but still applied whimsical, imaginary ideas. And Silent Hill was that, and was NEVER failed me since. That one storyline, so educational and appealing (but simultaneously appauling...), horrific but beautiful, is what triggered not merely an "addiction," but a love that practically completed my life.♥

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