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  • Ozzkat

    Still no verification that another installment will even occur (but with all the Kojima talk, I find it likely), but recently, a hopeful interview was given with Akira involved regarding whether or not he would be willing to compose more music for the game; let's face it, Licht received not the best- albeit not the worst- reception in the world. I do believe Akira's return would at least be one positive factor a future SH has for it, and though I'm not gonna be getting my hopes up too high, it's a happy possibility!

    Check it out here.

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  • Ozzkat

    Silent Hill 9: "Verified"?

    November 4, 2013 by Ozzkat




    So, today I heard from Silent Hill Paradise that IMDb has "verified" that SH9 is due for release on September 29th, 2015, with Hideo Kojima as director. You can see it here.

    Now I'm pretty sure 99% of us know that IMDb is not a very creditable site, seeing as anyone can edit it. In just a few clicks, someone could've updated it to prompt pointless excitement just like that. However, I certainly wanted to bring this up, mainly to see if any of us here have heard this same news from a more reliable source?

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  • Ozzkat

    Okay so this really isn't anything too big or whatever, but just simply a request for those on the wiki that don't already know this since I've adopted a rather large role in tending to the wiki's images and therefore some of this stuff irks me from time-to-time. I wanted to bring this whole image thing up so hopefully everyone will see it and understand the rules with images on the wiki. Oh, and before anyone asks "well how do you know this?", I've simply referred to the rules & guidelines/manual of style, experience (because ch'yeah I've had my fair share of killing some admins' nerves when I was newer [ha ha but I love you guys inexplicably

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  • Ozzkat

    Now on many occasions, I've seen the Silent Hill series, most specifically the pilot installment, be called the "true" game if you want a digital trip through Hell. And I couldn't agree more, honestly. Of course fear is a matter of opinion, but there are some universal happenings that instinctually usher us into an apprehensive state.

    The thing I love most about this series is that it's not some gore or jump-scare oriented game meant to just give you a quick jump, like the indies Slenderman or what I've seen of Pesadelo. It's rooted in the desire of burrowing into your psyche and making you question your very own real world. I've said it so many times but I'll say it again... the series is just such a brobdingnagian, complex metaphor for ou…

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  • Ozzkat

    Ah, thought it'd be an interesting subject to discuss. :D I found it suitable as a blog in opposition to a forum discussion, seeing as I doubt this will launch into a serious conversation regarding the Hill or anything. Probably just a short-lived blog among us crazed fans, ha ha. But if any of the admins feel it doesn't truly fit blog criteria or anything of the sort don't hesitate to do your thing. (:

    I just wanted to see which other fans out there collected Silent Hill memorabilia. :D Talk briefly about our collections, what we still wish for, all that good stuff... and perhaps even introduce other fans to SH material we're all gonna wish we had afterwards. Immediately. FUN FUN. Oh, also, tell us what got you into the saga to begin with!…

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