Hello, all!

As probably nobody knows, I'm a firm believer in the paranormal. Ghosts, UFOs, aliens, etc. I love it and I believe they exist. (By the way, apparently I AM an alien, so...)

My question for you! What's something that you have seen, or have happened to, that was in reality! It could be one of those "I'm awake but still dreaming" moments, or something that actually happened.

I'll tell you mine: Before we moved, the house we lived in was pretty old. It's almost a hundred years old. Now, we had a biiit of a ghost problem. Nothing harmful, just somebody would sit on me every night and "tuck me in". I was cool with that, except when they didn't want to move off my legs. Now, this was an eldery woman, and we're assuming it's my nana (great-grandma if you don't know.) I never felt scared and I never felt like she was going to hurt me.

I also had a visit, the night I came back from a funeral I went to, from a friend of mine. He was playing with something on a shelf, which was annoying, but I knew him. He loved to bother me, and it was just his way of saying goodbye.

Now, those instances were fine. I could deal with them. The next ones... not so much.

I have this music-thing, where you wind it up and it plays music. It's, I think ceramic, a bunch of kittens playing with things and it's really hard to wind up. Well, before I moved out of my room and into the living room (my mum moved into my room) I had a few problems with the ghosties. It was late, like... almost midnight late, and it was quiet in my house (surprisingly, since all my neighbors were loud as all hell) and all of a sudden, the music thing goes off. There wasn't any breezes, and nobody was standing there. But the thing went off. It was terrifying.

A few nights later, I woke up at around the same time, and I looked at one of my windows. There's a smallish window near a bookshelf that had the kitty thing on it. Well, I regretted looking at that window because there was a hooded figure standing there. I knew it wasn't the curtain, because the curtain was light in color. This thing was black. And it was looking at me. I shut my eyes, gripped my sheets and said to myself, "It's not realy. It's not real. It's not real." I didn't open my eyes and I eventually fell asleep.

Aside from the occasional creepy feelings in my old place, nothing spectacular. I had the occasional lurker behind me, or somebody touching my hands. Nothing to fret about, but the kitty thing and the hodded thing were just terrifying. D:

Now in the new place, we don't have any ghosties. >: I told the elderly woman she could come, but I don't think she heard me. Hopefully in our new home, whenever we move again, I'll have ghosties again. I kind of enjoy them. I'm a sort-of-hermit, so it's nice to have etheral comapny.

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