• Oo KiT

    Hello, all!

    As probably nobody knows, I'm a firm believer in the paranormal. Ghosts, UFOs, aliens, etc. I love it and I believe they exist. (By the way, apparently I AM an alien, so...)

    My question for you! What's something that you have seen, or have happened to, that was in reality! It could be one of those "I'm awake but still dreaming" moments, or something that actually happened.

    I'll tell you mine: Before we moved, the house we lived in was pretty old. It's almost a hundred years old. Now, we had a biiit of a ghost problem. Nothing harmful, just somebody would sit on me every night and "tuck me in". I was cool with that, except when they didn't want to move off my legs. Now, this was an eldery woman, and we're assuming it's my nana (greā€¦

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  • Oo KiT

    Let me get this right...

    April 1, 2011 by Oo KiT

    Hello, people! I'm new here. Long time lurker, but I finally got the gall to actually join (I'm really shy, so...)

    Lemme get this right... I've been lurking other blogs and come to this conclusion: Scarlet Fitch 's hubby is Walter, and CherylMason12 's (soon-to-be) is Henry, right? So who has dibs on Vincent? D:

    Yes, I know he has bad teeth and is a total arse with people, but who cares? I mean, I fancy Pyramid Head and Valtiel. At least Vincent is somewhat normal. ... okay, so he's not even remotely normal, but I gotta love the greedy bastard anyway. =w=

    (If this isn't the place to post such a thing, I'm terribly sorry and you may remove it, whoever controls the removal of blogs.)

    This is a totally important question. Honestly.

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