aka Lawrence

  • I live in Twin peaks,WA
  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is Student
  • Ocelotwaterdown

    Yesterday i was talking whit a friend about Silent hill, when i mentioned to him that i wanted to contribute to This wiki, he told me that the Silent hill Wiki had a "bad" community. he wanted to Troll the wikia editing the pages to offend some admin he called a Nutcase. During the Afternoon and maybe even before he had done some vandalism and then he was banned, I suppose. I know that because when I tried to do my first acces to the wikia I was "blocked" because my IP was used by some Douchebag who vandalized the wikia .. And that's was because he used my internet connection to do his Vandalism. I told him that the only reaction he would gain from his Douchebaggery was a Ban, but he wasn't listening, he was giggling about how he was …

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