After noticing the voting section on the main page of the wiki, like most others I decided to check out Insert Coin's Silent Hill Apparel. Upon seeing the choices available, I pre-ordered the Lakeview Hotel shirt (I plan on having fun messing with people who don't know about Silent Hill, telling them I stayed there, at the Lakeview Hotel, on Toluca Lake, and that it was a lovely place heh). Well, I finally recieved the shirt and I gotta say the quality is incredible. Between the materials, the stitching and the Logo. Anyone who's still on the fence about ordering any of it, I can tell you with full confidence to just order. You won't be dissapointed with their work. I'm planning on picking up the Historical Society t-shirt now as well, and was already planning on buying their replica of James' jacket. I'm just even more excited for the jacket now that I've seen their work on the shirts first hand. It really is amazing, and they've really outdone themselves with the craftsmanship.

If you're still sitting there wondering to order any of their supurb and official Silent Hill apparel, wake up and order it now before it's too late. I noticed how the "Radio Repair" t-shirt never showed up so I am guessing that design never made it to the final stages. The Lakeview Hotel and Silent Hill Historical Society shirts are past preordering an up for grabs now, and the James Sunderland Jacket should be up in a week for preordering (from what I've heard from their website on 11/23/13)

I decided to post this blog about Insert Coin and their merchendise for anyone still on the fence about it, and wondering if it's worth it or not. I can assure you it is. So don't miss out on this chance to own some great Official Silent Hill gear from some of the best, cause once it's gone, it's gone.

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