This is my first blog post as a huge silent hill fan i thought it would be intresting to see what other fans thought of the series such as what they thought of each installment and also what there first experiance with silent hill was like, ive been a fan for awhile now and had never played the games until a friend sugested i play silent hill 2 so i bought the hd collection since it was the easiest way for me to play the older installments and played 2 and 3 back to back and after that i was hooked since then ive played all the other installments save for silent hill 1 and book of memories and i have also watched the movies and read the comics and while i know that some fans have certain games that dont care for and some fans dont like the movies or comics thats understandable everyone has their own opinion and thats what makes a series so unique being able to see the faults and perfections of each installment, personally i love each installment of the series from the games to the comics so really all i wanted to know is what you guys thought about each game did you like the movies  did you enjoy the comics ? feel free to post your honost opinions and i look forward to reading and discusing them all 

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