Well, hello guys, how are ya? Anyways, I just want to share something with my fellow users.

So, I was scheduled to Altar Serve for the 9:30 mass, a mass in memory of 9/11. As offertory was about to begin, and I walk up to the Altar with my cross, a song played, a song I haven't listened to in over 5 years. The song is called "Amazing Grace". There were no instruments playing, just a pure beautiful voice. After the kind lady who volunteered to sing "Amazing Grace" finished, the whole church sang with her again. We didn't have the most beautiful voice, but I have to admit, singing that song to commemorate the lost lives victim of the tragedy a decade ago, was very emotional for some of us. I felt very, very sad for one of my classmates, because his aunt inside World Trade Center, South Tower, just before it collapsed. He cried, he can't get past her death, and just seeing that, I cried a bit as well, a tear shed for the familes affected. Out of all this war, violence, crime, and wrongdoings in this world, there could still be peace, perhaps even a Utopia for some of us. So I just created this blog, to commemorate the people inside World Trade Center, a decade ago. I'm pretty sure they're all in a happy place now. As the final words heard from Todd Beamer, "Let's Roll."

- No, that isn't the person who sang at my church, I just found this video on YouTube, and they have very elegnt voices as well. By the way, I just wanna use this blog, to also say, happy birthday Lolo Ton! (A family member). Anyways, see you guys, and may God bless America, China, Africa, the Philippines, etc. may He bless our world!!

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