This is working? Well I'll be damned, something is going to plan for once.... The company gave me this laptop to record my findings in Silent Hill. I prefer pen and paper, but this will do I guess. I've been told this thing has a long life battery that can be charged by solar (no power plugs yay!) which will come in handy, that dingy little town wouldn't have much in the way of modern technology.

Anyway, there have been increasing reports of sickness in the Toluca county. Some investigation has revealed that the water source- Toluca Lake- may be contaminated. People are getting sick all over. I dont really care about that, but if I can do this right, maybe I will get a promotion.

As I type this, I am watching the snow fall softly out of my window. Hardly ideal conditions to be researching, but I wont complain to much. I'll be taking my Jeep up there, I hear the roads are pretty rocky.


Just passed a small town near Silent Hill called Brahms. Nice place, but I hate how... isolated it is. Speaking of which, there has been a lot of fog lately. I hear this is because of the lake, but I hope it clears up... it makes me feel like I am suffocating.

Any way, I just stopped for lunch and I thought I might as well get some of this "research" done. Seems like I can get onto the Internet anywhere I like, as long as I have reception. I am actually surprised I still get reception, this far out in the country.

Lets see... what to talk about? I brought my ever present hunting knife with me. I just cant seem to let it go. I dont feel safe without it... it reminds me of when I was young...

Ah never mind. I dont want all you in the lab knowing about my past anyway.

Oh, before I forget, there was a man on the side of the road earlier. I pulled over and talked to him. He said something about the Order being messed up and the demon was spreading her wings... crazy fool needs to get off the drugs.


No internet connection available



Doesn't surprise me, no signal. I just reached the town limits of Silent Hill. It's all forest here, dense stuff too, dont want to get lost in there.

The fog here is unbelievable. I can hardly see a few meters in front of me. At the town entrance, I pulled over at some sort of Tourist education area or something, the place was abandoned. But weirdest of all, there was blood everywhere. The blood doesn't bother me terribly, but what happened here and why hasn't any body cleaned it up. I was going to inspect further, but I smelt gas. I hate gas. I ran for it, slammed on the gas and got the hell outta there.

I will just write all of this locally and then transmit it when I get back into range. I dont know why, but something is pulling me in. Maybe its just the promise of a promotion but... I dont know. I'm not thinking straight. I cant sleep properly. When I do, I imagine that I can hear things, just outside of my field of vision. No way am I going to check it out though.

Everything I have seen so far has been deserted. I went to a gas station the whole place was completely empty. I filled up and left some money on the counter, but I dont know if anything bad will happen... I hope not.

But hey, you dont know a thing about me do you? Or maybe you do. Hm... I'll give you a basic description of me. I am tall, with dark, almost black hair, I am quite skinny and I have brown eyes. Oh yeah, my names Will, Will Mason. Dont even ask, I hate the name, both of them. Nasty common names if you ask me. But hey, I got what I got...

The battery charges slowly. Its almost flat. Better give it a rest. I will get back on tomorrow, after I have examined the lake. Until then, good-bye, who-ever is going to read this.


What do you guys think? Is it worth continuing?

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