Hey guys, I just read something and it made me have new fear for Silent Hill: Downpour

According to this web-site, in an interveiw with David Shatsky, he said that guns would be break-able. I have had a lot of faith in downpour but if this is true i think it has the potential to ruin the game. It also mentions info on other break-able weapons. Break-able guns either means lots of guns around or gun management will reach a whole new level.

Do you guys think break-able guns is a good idea? And whilst we are on the topic, is break-able weapons a good idea in general? Personally, I dont mind melee weapons being breakable, but guns is not a good idea. Please leave your answer and the reason why you think it would or would not be a good idea.

XXkamoXx 04:12, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

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