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  • MurphyPendleton

    Wiki Theme

    August 27, 2016 by MurphyPendleton

    Hey guys, I thought the old theme was getting a bit stale so I decided it could do with a change. I picked the Halo of the Sun because it was the first thing which came to mind, but the theme is in no way fixed. So, any thoughts for what the theme should be? Let me know your thoughts.

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  • MurphyPendleton

    New Section

    September 14, 2012 by MurphyPendleton

    I put a new section up in the wiki navigation pane, for the movies,I hope this makes navigation for the movies a bit easier. I also hope that there is no problems, thanks!

    I changed the header back to blue. Does this suit the wiki better?

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  • MurphyPendleton

    Hello Everyone! Where ever you are currently, we hope that your day is going swell. :) Now that I have your attention, please, click on this magic blue line and experience some awesomeness:

    That, my fellow editors, is a link to our FORUM. It's pretty awesome! Please, use it!

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  • MurphyPendleton

    User Rights

    May 31, 2012 by MurphyPendleton

    Hello wiki people,

    So lately there have been some arguments and there has been a fair bit of trouble over authority. The thing is, as a normal user, you do have restrictions on what you can and cant do and say, but the same applies to our admins too. I'm not outright blaming anyone, but instead of throwing insults about and flaunting authority, wouldn't it be better to just get along?

    But I'm not naive. People aren't going to get along. So the rules still stand:

    Absolutely no offensive language directed at other users, admins or no. Punishment of which is banning.

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  • MurphyPendleton

    All right guys, for all of you that have played Downpour, we probably all got the Full Circle ending or at least heard about it. Think for a second what this does to the series' lore!

    We know Howard has been in never-ending limbo since the 18th century. J.P has been trapped since the accident at the Devil's Pit. Ricks has been playing record after record for years, probably since the early 80's. The town has the power to suspend people in its own time frame.

    Does this mean that the characters we have previously met in past Silent Hill games are similarly trapped, suspended in time? What do you guys think?

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