I decided to post another idea i had for silent hill mainly because my other one didn't have a whole lot originality.

The main character should be a female, mainly because there aren't a lot of females in the series. The game would follow the character tracking down her missing mother who, according to sources that she gathered, is in Silent Hill. The character would go on a search to find her mother and would be aided by notes she gathered claiming to be from a character known as "Angel" who only exists through the letters that the main character finds. Throughout the game the character would see her mom wandering around and the main character would then realise that it's just a ghostly manifestation of her mother. Of course the main character would have monsters created to increase her anxiety and a lot of the game would take place in the other world.

The final part of the game is where the protagonist finds her mother but her mother is under hostage by a large being that represents the fears of her mother, the protagonist and Alessa (Alessa would play a large part in the game).

The game would have a few endings:

1. An easter egg ending with as much corny jokes and terrible puns thrown in as possible.

2. A bad ending where her mother is killed and so is the protagonist.

3. A good ending were her mother and the main character escape safely.

4. A good/bad ending where the mother dies and but the protagonist lives.

5. A good/bad ending where the protagonist dies but the mother lives.

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