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  • I live in Somewhere in Australia
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is guitarist
  • I am Alien
  • Mr Monster 2000

    A theory

    August 4, 2012 by Mr Monster 2000

    I haven't been on the wiki for a long time so forgive me if this blog isn't very good. I just have one question: What if the characters who went to silent hill never actually went to silent hill and it was just a form of lucid dreaming that's really hard to wake up from.

    The illusion could take all of their hopes and fears and express them through monsters and people.

    The fogginess could represent the fact that they can't find their way back to the real world, meaning they cannot get out of that dream.

    The good endings could mean that the individual has managed to get out of the lucid dreaming state and is now carrying on with their lives, thus the bad endings meaning that the individual is stuck in silent hill forever. The UFO endings could …

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  • Mr Monster 2000

    I decided to post another idea i had for silent hill mainly because my other one didn't have a whole lot originality.

    The main character should be a female, mainly because there aren't a lot of females in the series. The game would follow the character tracking down her missing mother who, according to sources that she gathered, is in Silent Hill. The character would go on a search to find her mother and would be aided by notes she gathered claiming to be from a character known as "Angel" who only exists through the letters that the main character finds. Throughout the game the character would see her mom wandering around and the main character would then realise that it's just a ghostly manifestation of her mother. Of course the main chara…

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  • Mr Monster 2000

    I have an idea for silent hill. The next game should have a character who is suffering from amnesia who wakes up on the road heading towards silent hill, they are then chased by a shadow which then leads him to silent hill where they start seeking information from a shady looking character and the main character would keep following this character for information. The shady character would have associations with the order.

    The main character would have their own version of the pyramid head which represented their anxiety or fear of something and the nurses and doctors in the game should also represent their fear of hospitals and why he fears them. After a few encounters with the pyramid head they will then remember everything and they will …

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  • Mr Monster 2000

    I was just wondering. What's your favorite monster? Mine is probably the Romper from Silent Hill 1.

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