Since many of you have played Silent Hill 3 multiple times, you'll have noticed that there is an entity know as The Fukuro Lady (a bound nurse that is seen being repeatedly assaulted by Valtiel). Fukuro Lady is one of my favourite monsters in SH3 because Team Silent used powerful symbolism relating to Lisa Garland (the fact that Book of Lost Memories proved that Lisa was in fact, Fukuro reincarnated to suffer for what she did during SH1) and also seeing Fukuro is real awesome to spot during the game, since she's rare. Anyway, my question is that, do many of you want to see Fukuro return in future games or if a monster who has a similar role to Fukuro, appear in a future installment? BTW I love Lisa as a character and I thought that Lisa shouldn't have 'died' the way she did (Bleeding from every orffice); made me really sad :(

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