Today i had a very interesting conversation with a friend. She talked about her distaste for horror games, and in particular, the Silent Hill series. With distain, i questioned her distaste, as many a silent hill fan would. The responce i received was...

"Cause it has no storyline and it's just ew"

I could feel the urge to facepalm rising. That, and and the urge to start spouting 'LIES!' but calming myself, i smiled and simply replied with an "oh"

Late on, as i finished SH2 for the..tenth time i believe, i started to think. Obviously my friend never played SH, and her opinion reflected that, but many i know have had the same opinion. So, i started to wonder, why does SH have the fanbase it does today? If so many people seem to have the 'silent hill = gross' thoughs, why have so many played it and fallen in love with it?

Did people choose it because they were just interested with the title? Did they do what i did and researched the game simply because of a friends (or in my case, a friends older brother) suggestion? I'm curious.

My interest started some years ago. As i was visiting a friends house, we walked into the the living room to see her older brother sitting infront of his new playstation 2 play silent hill. Interested, we both sat down and watched. Many times we screamed when monsters appeared, but i started to watch. Her brother was teaching me the storyline and it really caught my interest. It wasn't until may years later, when i was legal old enough to play the games (although age has never stopped me before) i followed through with my interest, borrowing silent hill 2 from a friend. I fell in love with it, the tourchered characters, the beautiful music and interesting storyline. With haste, i began collecting the rest of the games, and the rest is history.

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