Lately, i have noticed that there are alot of people being, well, rude.

There is absolutely no reason to be rude to anyone. Not getting your own way, or getting a response you don't like is never an excuse.

No-one on this wiki deserves to have any kind of hate (or rudeness) directed towards them (even TwinPerfect fans :P) from anyone, even admins.

One thing i also have noticed is people 'ganging' up on others. If you notice an admin dealing with someone, do not jump in and add your two cents worth. One admin is enough to deal with a problem, and even vandals do not deserve that (many people have been guilty of that, even me)

So, i ask everyone. Before you respond to anything in anger, take a deep breath and wait a second.

Thank you!

Please note, i am not specifically hinting towards anyone in this blog whatsoever, and i have not written this to become a name and shame blog

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