Although i have been on this wiki for years, i have not been, at all. So i feel rather new here.

Because of that, i just wanted to know some of the users who are active here. I am such a social butterfly, after all.

So, if you have gotten this far (i suspect half the people reading this will find this weird and go do something else) feel free to post some info on yourself~

I think i'll just add a little bit about me:

My name is jessica. I will be seventeen in less than 3 weeks. I am a aussie.
My username comes from the character from final fantasy VII..which i now find very annoying.
As much as i love the silent hill series, i have to admit i love the final fantasy series more.
I am a video game whore. At the moment i own 80+ games, and 5 consoles.
A few of my favourite series are the assassin's creed series, bioshock series, gears of war series, halo series, kingdom hearts series, project zero/fatal frame series and the resident evil series.
I enjoy drawing and writing, and i have my own deviant art page.

I have a facebook account and msn account for any who really want it.

As for my editing skills. I am quite good when it comes to some things, and very...bad when it comes to others. If i do something stupid, feel free to tell me.

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