I finally got to play the HD Collecion (i love having friends who just came back from America) and thought i might do a little review. Please note, i played the PS3 version. The xbox version has far less problems

To say i am dissapointed with this is an understatement. The idea of being able to play SH 2 & 3 on current gen consoles was exciting, and could of potentially given new life to those old games. Considering the games, one would think Konami would make sure the collection was very polished. What we got, and what we were promised are two different things.

Missing fog, scenes being cut becuse of loading times, looping sounds, and Darth Sunderland are what we got. Only a minute into SH2, and i noticed the first thing in a list of problems. The streets were too clean, far too clean. Annoyed, i continued on until i got into the town and recieved the radio. Then i noticed another thing. The radio sounded off, even annoying. I grudgingly turned it off and continued on. It didn't take too long for me to noticed another thing. The monsters sounded off also. An hour into the game, i gave up and switched to SH3

Silent Hill 3, was by far the worst part of the collection. I almost gave up halfway through the sewer level. Everytime i made Heather jump down, the game would almost freeze. It was not that much better going back up either. I could probably rant for hours about the quality of the music. The looping was worse than SH2, and my god, the mall music was terrible. Fortunatly, the lagging got better after entering Silent Hill, but unfortunalty, it came back as i entered the hospital. Much like SH2, i gave up after an hour.

So after two hours, the game had left me feeling rather ripped off. Two classic games, given such bad treatement. I don't doubt other fans are feeling the same. It one blog, i stated how we should stop bitching and just deal with it. Now i cannot help but say the opposite. I cannot believe the game was released in such a state, and it is just not good enough. I am willing to be patient, and wait for new patches, but this has undoubtedly ruined the chance for Silent Hill 2 & 3 to gain new fans.

Now don't get me wrong, the collection wasn't all that bad. I loved the new voice acting (with the exception of Laura's and Heather's) and the game was much clearer.

All in all, i wouldn't recommend the PS3 version to anyone. Play the xbox 360 version or go scour ebay for old ps2 versions of the games we so love, and enjoy them.

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