So i am sure we're all aware that Book of Memories is a mulitplayer game. Like most fans, that makes me a little nervous. I cannot count how many times i have heard this:

"A multiplayer silent hill game? Blasphemy!"

Silent hill works because it builds on the fear of isolation. You're alone, no-one is around, no-one can protect you, it is just you and your personal demons. To me, BoM sounds like a shameless Resident Evil copy (Not bashing the re series, i love that series too) and not very silent hill-ish. The fact that it is on the PSP Vita...i am stumped, why did they do that? I've used the vita, it's not that great (really can't tell i am an xbox girl huh)

Instead of focusing on the bad, i have decided to look at all the new possibilities of a mulitplayer function



Oh wait, i can't think of any.

So help me out wikians. What are your opinions on this game? How could they get muliplayer to work in a SH game? Are they putting the game on the vita just to annoy me?

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