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    September 12, 2012 by MissGarland

    Right, i've had to do a blog post about this before, and it seems i may need to do one again.

    Please, treat everyone here with civility. I do not care if their opinion differs from yours, you do not attack them.

    If you have any problems with a user on this wiki, ask them to go into chat with you or move into the forums (private messages) and sort it out. Attacking them where everyone can see it is rude, pointless and can be downright embarrassing. It may also tempt other people to jump in and add their two cents worth, which everyone is guilty of (myself included).

    Ganging up on anyone or just right out attacking them will not be tolerated. Sorry for this blog to be such a downer, but i prefer to address issues before they get too bad.

    Just trea…

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  • MissGarland

    Updated blog policy

    September 5, 2012 by MissGarland

    Well guys, we have some news. We are now allowing non site related blogs.

    Because of this, i thought it was best to go over our blog policy with everyone again. Keep in mind, it has been updated, so there are newer points.

    Blogs must be on-topic – This means they must discuss something related to the Silent Hill series, or new changes and additions to the wiki. Blogs should not be used for talking about your pet dog, or the really good cup of coffee you've had today.

    We still hold the rule that it must have something to do with Silent Hill. I cannot imagine why you would want to talk about anything else (or else why would you be here?).

    Blogs should not be short – Blogs should not consist of a single sentence. Blogs should try be be detailed …

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  • MissGarland

    As it appears the category glitch is now gone, i have turned the achievements back on.

    Please, if the glitch comes back do not take advantage of it. Inform an admin so that we may turn off the achievements again.


    And they're not gone. Turning it off now. I'll update when i'll be turning it back on

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  • MissGarland

    The chat

    July 8, 2012 by MissGarland

    I am sure everyone has noticed how busy the chat has been lately. This is great, as i still remember when no-one ever went on chat.

    However, not all of it is great. More users means more trouble. I just wanted to address one of our...most frequent problems.

    Chat is not twitter: It isn't there to spam your thoughts. So many users come on and start spouting things that make no sense, or start randomly saying what they are doing, random thoughts that have nothing to do with he current conversation ect ect. There have users who have came on and done this (using my own name as an example):


    And i…

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  • MissGarland

    Our blog policy

    June 1, 2012 by MissGarland

    There has been an influx of blogs over the past week, and i thought it might be a good idea for me to remind everyone about our blog policy.

    Blogs must be on-topic – This means they must discuss something related to the site, whether it be new material coming out that will impact our articles and what changes will need to be made, announcing changes to the site structure or content, organizing a project for improving the site or an article, or discussing potential changes in policy.

    Lets take a closer look at that shall we?

    "Blogs must be related to the site" There have been no blogs lately that have had anything to do with the site, whatsoever. Yes, it's all well and good that you want to tell everyone your new ideas, but blogs like that would…

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