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July 26, 2010
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  • Metanoiance

    well.. so I've played silent hill:homecoming on pc before and I did quit halfway since i found it unscary and boring.

    NOW! I've got Silent Hill: Homeocming on xbox 360 and I've absolutely love it so far!.. the graphics are better, everything is darker, the screen is bigger and it feels so much more EPIC. I wonder if I will stay that way about the xbox 360 version? I hope I will, and I also hope that the xbox version is going to be a huge positive surprise.

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  • Metanoiance

    Silent Hill



    Silent Hill 2


    rating: 10/10 (best story + best music, simply breathtaking)

    Silent Hill 3


    rating: 9/10 (great atmosphere)

    Silent Hill 4: The room


    rating: 9/10 (unique and amazing experience! Together with one of the best OST soundtracks)

    Silent Hill: Origins

    [not completed]

    rating:4/10 (my worst SH experience by far)

    Silent Hill: Homecoming


    rating: 6/10 (too much terrible combat, pathetic story, lack of atmosphere)

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


    rating: 9/10 (brilliant story & effects + great great OST)

    Silent Hill: Downpour


    rating: 9/10 (back to SH roots! amazing exploration and side quests! Technical issues to be fixed soon with an upcoming patch! One of the best SH …

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  • Metanoiance

    well ^__^ so after a while I've decided to obtain all of the Silent Hill [RETAIL] games out there! I believe that it will be a pain to obtain games like Silent Hill 1 (1999) but I will do my best. I've had a few Silent hill games as a kid but they mystically dissapeared while I grew up *sad face*

    [ ] Silent Hill
    [X] Silent Hill 2
    [X] Silent Hill 3
    [X] Silent Hill 4: The room
    [X] Silent Hill: Origins
    [X] Silent Hill: Homecoming
    [X] Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    [ ] Silent Hill 8

    After obtaining the game I will check it with an [X]
    Wish me good luck!!!

    Start Date: 26.07.2010 - ?

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  • Metanoiance

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a survival horror video game and is a reimagining of the first game in the Silent Hill series.


    Okayy! So I've just finished playing through SILENT HILL: SHATTERED MEMORIES and I can certainly say that it is the best game I've played so far. Silent Hill: Shattered memories is not only an brilliant psychological horror game but a true brilliance in the gaming history. It's not just a game, it something much more. Once you play through it you will understand.

    It's the first time in my gaming career that I've been so emotionally affected by a game. I felt the sadness of Harry Mason, and I was was feeling the need of saving his daugter Cheryl like if she was a real person whom I knew.


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