-Warning: Sensitive Material Ahead + Spoilers-

Okay, so I've gotten a number of questions from friends about how I can like Silent Hill if I'm a Christian, due to Silent Hill apparently being anti-religion. Well, is Silent Hill anti-religion?

Short answer: Not anymore than it's anti-family.

Long answer: Well...

The reason a lot of people claim this is they can see the similarities between the Cult and Christian beliefs - and there a lot of them! The god leaves/dies, similar to the Christ's Ascention, and the god's return seems to be based off of Revelation's desciption of the Apocolaypse. Not only that, but the god is born from a "holy mother" who is a virgin. The chapels seem to be very Judeo-Christian-like as well, and just like the Order's members abuse their power, sometimes religious leaders don't take care of others as they should - they abuse their power instead. And the cult is obviously evil, right? So, it must be anti-Christianity! And, acccording to Book of Lost Memories, the shrines resemble traditional Japanese shrines and the Order's origins are linked to Native Americans' old rituals of worship. Team Silent obviously hates all religion!

Except... not really.

Silent Hill is about how twisted things can become, among a ton of other themes. Think about how it portrays families! Goodness, if Silent Hill hates religions, then it must DESPISE families. It had a whole game literally just dedicated to fucked up families and familial emotional abuse and murder (Homecoming, one of my personal favorites) and it really rubbed in the hurt and good-intentioned-family-members-still-hurt-others. But we know that Silent Hill devs don't hate all families - that's silly. And we do have a good example of a healthy familial relationship, the one between Harry and Heather Mason. A happy father-daughter bond.

Not only that, but we have positive examples of *gasp* RELIGION (shocking, I know). Think about it. While I won't argue against how Heather seems to be avoidant of religion (Understandable, with her ties to the Order) she does mention that she can't contact the police or the church. We don't know what religion this church is from, but it seems that Heather views some members of this church to be trustworthy/helpful. We also have the Nun from Downpour, who kindly and compassionately led Murphy to understand his guilt, with Murphy even mentioning being raised by sisters in a orphanage, and being thankful for their care. This nun's design is clearly styled after a Catholic nun's wear. And in Silent Hill 2, Mary's letter to Laura mentions that she shouldn't "be too hard on the sisters", implying that once again, nuns were taking care of abandoned/parentless children and Mary had some sort of trust in them. In Homecoming (and other games, I can't really remember which ones right now)  Margaret Hollowheart- I mean Hollowsoul- I mean empty shell of a person with little to no empathy- I MEAN HOLLOWAY mentions about how there is no good and evil, only chaos and order. This is one of the main beliefs of the cult. "Good and evil" are considered childish by the cult, and the devs seem to push that the cult is wrong in this belief. One of the main beliefs of Judeo-Christianity is the idea of good and evil.  I really fail to see how after all of this, ayone can say that Silent Hill devs have any sort of ill-will regarding religion. It just simply shows the bad (which is important, because the the bad/corrupted is hurtful) instead of ignoring and pretending like it's not there.

Anyways, there's my argument. Please feel free to add any comments on this, whether for or against it. I'd love to hear more opinions.

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