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    Alright, so I thought of this awhile back, and working on the Maria page reminded me of it again. I'm sure someone may have already pointed this out but here we go.

    Maria's being is sort of left a mystery. How she was formed, who she is, her properties. She has memories of working at Heaven's Night, and of Laura. So the two main theories seem to be that either a) Maria is completely made up or b) Maria is a real person that Silent Hill is using. (B seems to be the one I see the most.)

    But I think both ideas may be wrong.

    I think Maria was created just like Pyramid Head was.

    Ito has confirmed that the town has a large impact on the form of the monsters, not just the person's mind. And Pyramid Head takes the form of the executioners that were th…

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    So, I found my first real issue with Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut for the PC (since I've changed the affinity - DO NOT try to make it run on multiple processors. It will not work.) which was surprising. Okay, not a really major issue but.

    James honey.

    What happened to your eye??

    It's definitely not a gamebreaking issue, of course, and maybe not something everyone one would notice, but I figured it was worth noting since it is an issue.... maybe. I unno, it might be normal. Could be shading + angle, age of the game, but I'm not sure. Most likely, though, it's the fact that I'm running it on a newer OS. No matter, James has a weird tint to his eye.

    I'll add any more issues I find as I go along

    MeganeEarthmate (talk) 23:33, February 24, 2016 (UTC…

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    -Warning: Sensitive Material Ahead + Spoilers-

    Okay, so I've gotten a number of questions from friends about how I can like Silent Hill if I'm a Christian, due to Silent Hill apparently being anti-religion. Well, is Silent Hill anti-religion?

    Short answer: Not anymore than it's anti-family.

    Long answer: Well...

    The reason a lot of people claim this is they can see the similarities between the Cult and Christian beliefs - and there a lot of them! The god leaves/dies, similar to the Christ's Ascention, and the god's return seems to be based off of Revelation's desciption of the Apocolaypse. Not only that, but the god is born from a "holy mother" who is a virgin. The chapels seem to be very Judeo-Christian-like as well, and just like the Order's …

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