In light of recent events, and past monitors of the chat window, a step back is needed to reflect on how people are talking to one another.

It's positive to see a growing number of people use the chat window, and how I see most of you welcome people as they enter the room. The chat site used to be a ghost town, and now it's rarely empty.

This is directed at everyone - I need you all to be considerate about what you say to others. The banter you share with one person might not rub so well on someone else, and in a chat window you are devoid of tone, expression and reaction, making it far too easy for others to take your words the wrong way. The chat is open for all discussions, but a modicum of common sense is required, to ensure everyone enjoys their time there.

Profuse F-Bombing, fine-line "banter" about highly sensitive subjects, discussing topics of a sexual nature in the presence of minors, intolerances of genders/race/creed/sexual orientation - these cannot and will not be tolerated. Your opinions are yours to keep, but if it negatively affects the treatment of any other individual, it is not welcome here, and it will be acted upon.

Rudeness isn't the end-game here, you can actually do damage with what you say, in spite of your intentions. If you were aware of every user's personal circumstances, it might make you re-think about what you say in their presence.

We are a community banded under a common interest. Let's keep it friendly people, the nobility of community support hasn't withered up completely.

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