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December 21, 2011
  • Mechanoise

    In light of recent events, and past monitors of the chat window, a step back is needed to reflect on how people are talking to one another.

    It's positive to see a growing number of people use the chat window, and how I see most of you welcome people as they enter the room. The chat site used to be a ghost town, and now it's rarely empty.

    This is directed at everyone - I need you all to be considerate about what you say to others. The banter you share with one person might not rub so well on someone else, and in a chat window you are devoid of tone, expression and reaction, making it far too easy for others to take your words the wrong way. The chat is open for all discussions, but a modicum of common sense is required, to ensure everyone enj…

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  • Mechanoise


    April 26, 2012 by Mechanoise

    For clarification peoples.

    The 'Silent Hill Images' category isn't to be tagged onto pages that contain images, but to be tagged onto actual images themselves in the uploaded images section, (New Photos). Make sure that the picture is put under the relevant Silent Hill game; such as, a photo of James Sunderland would be categorised as: "Silent Hill 2 images"

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  • Mechanoise

    When editing, please ensure all references to 'Silent Hill 1' are changed to 'Silent Hill'.

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  • Mechanoise

    If possible, could we please be careful in putting spoilers in edit summaries? I know that's a tough order, especially if you're having to correct someone's mistakes and explain why, but the more we can minimise it, the better it is for those unfortunate enough to have Downpour constantly pushed back, such as myself and Kaleb. I'm having to walk the streets with a "Will dance for Downpour" sign around my neck.

    Much appreciated.

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  • Mechanoise


    March 9, 2012 by Mechanoise

    Use of the word however in a sentence, (when it's being used against a previous statement), should come after a semi-colon and before a comma as it's part of the same sentence.


    "I hate the combat in Silent Hill as it's awkward and clunky; however, I like the fact that it makes the encounters tense."

    "Pyramid head is a symbol of punishment; however, I think he's just misunderstood. I reckon Mrs. Pyramid head pushed him into it because she wanted to impose this aggressive role, to show him off to the other demons. I think Pyramid head just wants to fulfil his lifetime ambition of becoming a train driver. It's bad enough that two mannequins stole his prizes Mallard collection and ran off to that apartment room with them. Poor Pyramid head was l…

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