A lot of Silent Hill fans think that Lisa Garland is a weak and useless character , but in my opinion Lisa has a very important role in every game/comic/movie she appears in .

Note : Silent Hill Spoilers .

English isn't my first language . Sorry if there is any mistakes . 

I would like to thank the the4thfloor for inspiring me to write this article .

Her role as a nurse . 

In every game , Lisa plays the role of the nurse in Alchemilla Hospital who takes care of Alessa, but none of us know how did she come to Silent Hill and why did she come to Silent Hill ? Why is she a nurse and not something else ?

Little is know about Lisa's Life before arriving to the town , but I know that she worked as a nurse because her family has a very know history of nurses and doctors in Silent Hill . 

Lisa was someone who is abused; but also someone who enables the abuse of another . Guilty , but innocent. 

No one is fully guilty , but no one is fully innocent , same as no one is fully evil or good .

Her relationships and effects on others .

Lisa's realtionships were very complicated , for example her realtionship with Dr. Michael Kaufmann was a sexual realtionship but at the same time she hated him for not letting her leaving the hospital and threatening her to cut off her supplies of PTV . But Kaufmann gets what he deserves when Lisa's ghost or Manifestation kills Kaufmann right before leaving Silent Hill with Harry Mason .

As for Alessa , Lisa has felt pain and suffering while she was her nurse which is proven in the Video , when she talks about Alessa's condition and how bad she wants to leave this place .

As for Harry , Lisa wanted Harry to stay by her in Silent Hill , which Harry didn't agree with because he wanted to leave the town , which has caused her to transform and caused Harry to push her but he still felt sadness for her . 

As for Steve Garland , they only share the last name but it's not known if they are related or not .

Her role in Origins .

Lisa was seen doing sexual interactions with Michael Kaufmann but quickly running away . Which means that she had filled an important role in Kaufmann's life which is romance . And also with Travis Grady in the theater but she claims that she was just ' acting ' . 

Later in the game PTV Can be seen in a room which means that Lisa was hooked on the drug for at least 7 years . Nothing is shown about Lisa after that .

Her role in Silent Hill .

Lisa's role in Silent Hill was similar to Origins , she was a nurse of Alessa and as I mentioned , she didn't really like her role as a nurse , and eventually died .

Lisa appears again and kills Michael Kaufmann because of the things he has done to her .

Her role in Silent Hill : Shatterd Memories 

Many of you think that Lisa's role in SH Shatterd Memories was not important at all , but Lisa has a major effect on endings . If Harry chooses to peek on Lisa , not peek on Lisa , give her the right pills , or not give her the right pills , it will effect which ending the player gets . It is also possible that she was Cheryl Heather Mason's nurse .

Her role in Comics

There is a comic called ' Cage of Cradle ' that shows Lisa's past life before she came to the town , but the comic is Japanese and I could not read any information . 

In the Play Novel , Lisa and Kaufmann are found dead and killed by Dahlia Gillespie .

The end .... ?

I think that Lisa's soul is still in Silent Hill , or even have turned into a Puppet Nurse . Or maybe Lisa's soul has been freed from Silent Hill .

As for the movie I hope that Lisa has moved out of Silent Hill and forgot about what happened to her when she was the nurse of Alessa  . 

All of these clues are showing every SH Fan that Lisa Garland isn't just a ' weak useless nurse ' But is a very important character .

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