So...what would your Silent Hil look like?

What i mean by that, is taking into account your own personal life, if you somehow ended up in Silent Hill, what kind of nightmare would be waiting for you?

(note:don't take this too personally!!)

What monsters would you face?

Would you be punished for something?

What's the moral at the end?

What fears you have, will haunt you?


And if you don't want to write it down, just think about it, make your walk in Silent Hill a lot easier! ("...It is important to travel lightly in that world. He who carries too heavy a burden will regret it...") :-D By the way where is that memo in Silent Hill 4: The Room Memos ?

My Silent Hill: I will have a protagonist monster called Evilval because i'm afraid what kind of a person would i be if i wasn't a good person (at least i think i am). Do we really know ourselves, or do we find out about us only when something bad happens and we have to make a decision? I hope i am the person i will be. Evilval is not a punisher, more like a guide, more like the "dark side" of me...through blood and gore cause that's what Silent Hill is about! Also he will test my will to resist in temptations and whether i can sacrifice myself over the people i love! God what an awful Silent Hill! :-D Haha ok i made it dramatic! He will look like a normal man, no face, no eyes, no mouth, nothing that shows feelings, or expressions, or that he has senses at all. My Silent Hill would be full of "puzzles" and choices and Evilval would be following me everywhere. Those "puzzles" are pretty much everything we could face or go through in our lifes, diseases, drugs and alcohol, murder, rape, depression, bullying, love...etc. Will i succeed in the end or will i go Full Circle? Who knows?

So my Silent Hill is Life itself. If we compare Silent Hill to what we humans live on earth, it's basically pretty much alike. There are lots of monsters, and we often have to face the truth in the end, because ethics will punish us or at least bother us in the depths of our hearts.

On a happier note here's another example (it's not real, i just made it up!)

Example: Hmm my monsters woud look like sugar and they will be called SugarBabes and will want to eat me because i have diabetes and i'm being punished by them cause i eat a lot of sweets and disobey my mum, so i guess i'll have another monster that will look like my mum and she will have sweet blood all over her, holding a giant lollipop for a weapon and haunt my dreams and mind!...So the moral is that i must take care of my daily diet or something like that!

Anyway you can have a laugh, or tell us something that bothers you! Write a whole story if you want!

So...What about you?

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