• Makunis

    (note:don't take this too personally!!)

    What monsters would you face?

    Would you be punished for something?

    What's the moral at the end?

    What fears you have, will haunt you?


    And if you don't want to write it down, just think about it, make your walk in Silent Hill a lot easier! ("...It is important to travel lightly in that world. He who carries too heavy a burden will regret it...") :-D By the way where is that memo in Silent Hill 4: The Room Memos ?

    My Silent Hill: I will have a protagonist monster called Evilval because i'm afraid what kind of a person would i be if i wasn't a good person (at least i think i am). Do we really know ourselves, or do we find out about us only when something bad happens and we have to make a decision? I hope …

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