Just translated a few paragraphs in "Bad translator" and this is what it came up with xD I think it's funny is all.


Laura is a year-old boy, appeared in Silent Hill 2, often seen walking around town. This is just an innocent person in town who dislikes his heart in the dark, as James Sunderland, and Angela Orozco Eddie Dombrowski, so I do not see a monster or severe deformation of the city, including Mary, the symbol of Silent Hill.


Henry Taunshend kind of quiet person, shy and introverted spirit. This is more obvious, because it is said that more than one language audience. Henry felt embarrassed, and sometimes it is difficult to explain


Alex Pastor character and hero of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Alex soldiers returned from abroad, at home, found his father and his brother Joshua then disappeared, his mother was paralyzed. Alex began to find his brother, who was in the mountains, valleys, cities and the new sponsor of silence.


A brother, Joshua "Josh" Shepherd Alex Shepherd, a stable country, father and mother means. When he returned to Glen Shepherd, Alex spent his brother is gone, Alex had to find him, do not lose the hope to one tenth

Heather (wtf... xD): Xisemeisen (also known as Mason and Cheryl, Yilixiya Gillespie, the new organization known), the main character of Silent Hill Silent Hill is third in the first generation of women in leadership positions. In this section the name "Heather Morris, will coordinate their members.


James Sunderland from Silent Hill, James II was a hero when the game starts, and his wife, Mary Shepherd Sunderland for three years died. However, James received a handwritten letter from the mysterious Mary, claiming\

Sooooo... yeah... xD

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