I've finally established my character and am ready to submit my first bit of this fanfiction to the wiki. The girl's name is Jillian. Note this is a horror fanfic and not a comedy fanfic like SOME fanfictions here *cough*Jean*cough*
Listen to this music while reading: [1]'

I woke up to the smell of blood, liquor and another familiar smell I couldn’t quite recognize. The surface I was lying on was tough and wet. The room I was in was so dark that it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the lighting. My heart thumped as my eyes revealed that I was lying on an old couch covered with the dripping wetness of blood. So much that it looked as if an animal had been slaughtered right there in an inhumane manner, just recently. It took a long while of heavy breathing and self-reassurance for me to gather up the courage to bolt out of the room. Every stride took an incredible amount of energy as I struggled to protect my sanity. I had to keep calm. The doorknob I was forced to grab to exit the room left my hand reeking with blood and the unfamiliar smell I was greeted with earlier. The opened door revealed a long narrow hallway aligned with doors constructed from rotting wood. At the end of the hallway stood a gigantic window showing nothing but darkness within. Something told me not to approach it. I hesitantly closed the door in front of me and stepped back into the room. I reached for the light switch and flipped it to discover it had no effect on the looming darkness that surrounded me. I collapsed to the floor.

“It’s just a dream…” I thought. “I’m gonna wake up and it’s all going to be one bad dream…”

The viciously realistic smells told otherwise. I rocked for a few moments, hoping the unbearable fear would go away. As I peeked into the darkness, a glimmer of light caught my eye.


I stood up and walked over to it. It was old and gave off little light, but it was a humungous comfort in my time of need. I turned it off and on to make sure it was working properly and shone it about the room. Dozens of liquor bottles had been seemingly strewn about the blood-covered floor.

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