Mmk... So I've developed a little further into my SH character... She is 21 years old, 112 lbs, 5'4"... She has black hair which she keeps in a low ponytail with pieces hanging over her ears. She has fair skin, blue eyes... She's of Celtic and Vietnamese origin, I've decided... She wears a white button shirt kinda like this [1] and a skirt like Heather's only dark blue~ ...and black sneaker boot things.


Soo she wakes up on the outskirts of the town of Silent Hill with an enormous pain coming from her head, which is bleeding a little. And she doesn't remember anything, yadda yadda yadda... She's looking for her boyfriend whos name I haven't decided yet... As she goes through the town, she discovers things and she starts to remember that her boyfriend was an abusive prick who would sexually and physically abuse her... And while in the town, she meets a little girl who she later finds out is the younger version of herself: a person who would stand up for herself... Lol. No, I still will change the story a lot... haha... So... names.

Names I might choose for the lady: Charlotte, Sophia, Adelaide (I like this one), Abigail, Jo (Jochebed) (I like this one too), Danielle

Names for the boyfriend??: Tony, Tom, Thomas, William, Michael, Bob- lol no jk... Rob... James. I WANT IT TO BE JAMES OR ALEX BUT THEY'RE TAKEN!

Names for the little girl: Same as the lady.

Any ideas? Feel free to just throw names out there.

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