What Scarlet was doing looked like fun... so I decided to try my own :D It's about my marriage with Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain ^_^

Jayden: I have made you spaghetti, sweetie! *shoves rice into my face*

Me: Hon'... That's not spaghetti.

Jayden: Oh... But... That was the first thing I ever cooked... I boiled water and everything...

Me: Oh, darling, everyone makes mistakes.

Jayden: I'll be back!

(Jayden comes back four hours later with a pair of pants)

Me: Oh, Pumpkin...

Jayden: I've failed you... :(

Me: No, no, Sweet!

Jayden: Ima try again! :D

Me: Good for you!

(Jayden comes back ten hours later with his gun on a plate full of lettuce and salad dressing)

Me: Now how does that even...

Jayden: Did... did I fail again? T-T

Me: Err... uhh... No! Looks delicious! *starts to eat gun* Mmmmh! Yummy...!


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