Wow, guys. It's finally happened.

2000 PAGES!!!!!

So if any of you remember, I proposed a streaming party to celebrate a while ago, and it seems like everybody was pretty enthusiastic about it! So that settles it - we'll have an online party on Twitch TV where we play the Silent Hill games and have everyone join in with commentary. Like, bring as many people as possible! But we have to choose a date and time, and schedule, and what we're going to do. I'd give about a week, so maybe Friday Saturday? You choose!


  • Date: Saturday, January 5th
  • Start time: 2:00 pm (North American Eastern time - Google for your own timezone :3)
  • End time: As long as people want, late as midnight. We have people from around the world so we want to make sure everyone has a chance to join in at some point.


We all had a fun time on Jan 5! But we weren't able to get through all the games so we're resuming tomorrow at the same time. So if you weren't able to make it that day, here's your chance!

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