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  • LisaGarland

    Wow, guys. It's finally happened.

    2000 PAGES!!!!!

    So if any of you remember, I proposed a streaming party to celebrate a while ago, and it seems like everybody was pretty enthusiastic about it! So that settles it - we'll have an online party on Twitch TV where we play the Silent Hill games and have everyone join in with commentary. Like, bring as many people as possible! But we have to choose a date and time, and schedule, and what we're going to do. I'd give about a week, so maybe Friday Saturday? You choose!

    • Date: Saturday, January 5th
    • Start time: 2:00 pm (North American Eastern time - Google for your own timezone :3)
    • End time: As long as people want, late as midnight. We have people from around the world so we want to make sure everyone has a …

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  • LisaGarland

    Almost 2000 Pages!

    November 21, 2012 by LisaGarland

    So it's come to my attention that this wiki has nearly attained two-thousand pages! (It's at 1,977 as I write this.) Wow! That's a lot of pages! So we should reach the big 2,000 in a week or so!

    On behalf of my fellow admins, I'd really like to thank all the editors on here. You guys rock! None of this would have been possible without you. Our wiki is just awesome. I'm really proud of it :)

    So I was thinking that once we reach 2,000, we could have a streaming party or something to celebrate. Like, on Twitch/Justin TV, we have a marathon where we play Silent Hill 1 - 4 all the way through while streaming it. Anyone could join in the stream, and we can open up Skype so we can add some people's voices to the stream. Or we could play other games. …

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  • LisaGarland

    I have way too much to say about this movie and there's no way I can say it all in one blog post. I'll do so in two or three parts, and this is the first.

    Well, first of all, the visuals are fantastic. For the most part, the place really does LOOK like Silent Hill. Heather looks like she jumped right out of the game. But then it got cold so she put on a warmer shirt. The nurses look great too, though that scene with them and Vincent was just silly. The use of fire in the carousel scene beautifully done. And when Pyramid Head made his appearance, it really did look and sound like it would, had he been in your presence.

    I generally dislike 3D as a form of enhancing the cinematic experience, but you have to agree that here, …

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  • LisaGarland

    As some of you may have noticed, some high quality screenshots from Silent Hill: The Arcade have been recently added to the wiki. This is because Alex was able to obtain a .GHO file of the game since someone with the game cabinet recently uploaded the file to the internet. The game is unplayable, unfortunately, but the cutscenes and soundtrack are all there! Alex was going to convert all the cutscenes and add them to the wiki's YouTube channel, but someone already did so. You can watch them here.

    So, this gives us a chance to build on all the information about Arcade! All of the character pages are pretty bare, so they need a lot of improvement. We hope you guys enjoy :3

    Also, please don't get screenshots from YouTube since the video quality i…

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  • LisaGarland

    User infoboxes!

    June 5, 2012 by LisaGarland

    So I thought, since many people are using the character infoboxes on their user pages, but some of the categories such as "Appearances" and "Voice actor" are not applicable, this wiki was in need of its own user infobox template.

    Just copy and paste this on your page if you wish:

    Note that if you want the infobox but don't want to add a certain piece of information, you can just lie, or leave it blank.

    Also note that the image doesn't have to be of you, by any means. It can be a character... or your dog... or your car. Or if you don't want to include a picture at all, just place "blank.png" in the space.

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