Hi all. I thought I'd finally create a blog on here, and considering I just watched TwinPerfect's rather(extremely) lengthy analysis of Silent Hill: HD Collection, I figured I'd write about that. Now, a couple quick things. One, if this blog is breaking any rules, I am sorry to whichever admin I offend,(as sorry as I ever am, which is not a lot) and I will attempt to rectify the errors if I am informed of them and if the admin will kindly explain why it is wrong and what should be done about it. Also, even though this is talking about TwinPerfect, who are notorious for their arrogance, please, let's all be mature and respectful.

Alright, so here it goes. Recently, I watched TP's Hd Collection Analysis, all 2+ hours of it. I had watched their Real Silent Hill Experience videos previously, and I found both to be very well thought out and articulate, if extremely arrogant. In particular, I agreed with their opinions on HD Collection, particularly in realtion to the supposedly "lost" original game source code that Konami has stated that they no longer have. As I do not expect anyone to watch the two hour video just to answer this, here is a summary of their opinion on this matter: The company responcible of the HD rerelease of God of War did not possess the original code either. However, they were able to quite easily rip the code from an officially released edition of the game. Why didn't Konami simply do this too? Any thoughts or opinions?

On top of this, TP goes on to outline the bizarre dealings Konami had with the orginal voice actors, which ultimately led to the HD Collection having rerecorded audio. And various new actors and Tom Hulett(apologies if I misspelled your name, Tom) denounced this as being the fault of Guy Cihi and the like, going so far as to critisize the orginal acting, Tom even calling it "shitty" at one point. Again, opinions?

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