I have just completed my second Silent Hill game. Thanks to PSN, I bought the first game and played till I got pissed off! But I'll get to that later. Let's start with the good things.

Many people know Silent Hill for the bone chilling music that accompanies the player everywhere. (Even when the player isn't actually listneing to it.) We have the musical genius, Akira Yamaoka, to thank for this. In the game however, the music at times seemed either misplaced or meant for a completely different genre. Examples being when Harry figures out he needs to go to the light house and is stuck in the Otherworld. The music at the time is a tense, almost Hollywood action sound. This music could have been like that on purpose to drive and motivated the player to move their ass to the lighthouse. I am still uncertain.

Another upside to the game was the ever present creepiness of the game. While this game has nothing in comparison to it's older brothers, it does show the player that it was meant to scare and if still in the PS1 generation (90s era of gaming) the game would have been the most disturbing thing next Marylin Manson. This didn't happen since my flat screen clearly showed the pixels of everyone on screen and their age. I am not one to make a big out graphics. I grew up with a PS1 as my main system as a kid. (God bless Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.) So I could tolerate the blocky looks, it juts took away from the creepiness.

Now I guess it's time time to rip the game a new #$%hole. I seem to have a habit of always getting the bad endings in Silent Hill. This is probably because I just go along for the ride. Thoughout the the entire game though, I had no idea of what I was doing or what was going on. I was just as figuratively in the dark as Harry was literally. While I did use the wiki for help on certain things like the mindnumbing puzzles that make Zelda's water temple look like half-baked trash, I didn't use it figure out the plot. Sure when I first played Silent Hill 2, I happened to skim over some of the other games' plot, including Silent Hill 1.

I got a grasp of the plot and had my share of spoilers. This may have karma giving me the bird when playing. Throughout the entire game, I never came across one secret. I didn't find the find Kaufmann sidequest, I didn't scoop up the aglaophotis with the water bottle to save Cybil, (I thought the bottle would be used for a puzzle.) and in the end I got the bad ending with nice big FU from the game.

Ok, time for an actual complaint. I'm not sure if these slip-ups were on purpose or they just mistakes. There were times during spoken dialogue that Harry or other characters would be cut off. These moments were few and far between but they never went unnoticed. Other times dialogue would spoken and then it would suddenly stop. Again, not sure if this was on purpose or if it was a mistake.

In short, Silent Hill 1 is still a good game but it's age diffently shows. Now if you'll excuse me, I must goes tear everything in half with my new chainsaw.

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