So recently I played the "Born from a Wish" scenario from SH2, and I noticed that in there we find a book called "Lost Memories", this version is different from the one seen in the normal scenario and even mentions Xuchilbara. Also mentioned in the memo we have: 

"With words of blood,

drops of mist and

the vessel of night,

the grave become an open field.

The people wept in fear and joy 

at the reunion..."

Words of blood = crimson ceremony, drops of mist = white chrism, the vessel of the night = obsidian goblet

With this said, we can assume that the deity summoned by James in the Rebirth ending is Xulchibara, the red god, right? So if the red god is one that has control over the passage of life and death, could the red god be Valtiel? We see him turning valves ( cycle of life and death?) and watching over the birth of god in SH3. My goal with this blog is to know what you all think about this.

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