News from konami couldn't be sadder. Kojima will not continue to work on the company, and if that's not enough they're removing his name out the MGSV cover and thus not recognising the importance that man had in the creation and continuation of the konami's best selling and known franchise. 

Also, the fact that they'll continue to make MG without him ignoring the fact that the series wont work without it kinda makes me remember the way Silent Hill was handled after 2005.

As for SH, now that kojima will not be working on konami he will also not work in silent hills, and that's a damn shame because, if there was anyone who could bring the serie back, that would be him... Even the fox engine, something that kojima productions had being developing for almost 7 years, it's unclear if it's konami's property or KP. If not then it will not be used in silent hills. If yes, then the people who best know how to work with it would have left the company by the time silent hills start development.

So in conclusion, I belive konami made yet another shot to the foot, and with it, it may have put an ending in two frachises that i adore. What do you guys think?

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