Hi everyone. As you guys know Silent Hill as come a long way since it's origins in 1999. The world was a different place, the gaming industry was also different and in that year came this game "Silent Hill" which was a product of the developers intentions of making a survavel horror along with the tecnological limits of the time and several other factors...

As time as passed we saw the original team stop working on the series and other developerscoming trying to continue the narrative, first by making a pre-quell, then with a new story supposedly after the events of SH3, then with the reimagining of the original and finally with Downpour... Throughout this games (I mean all of them, not just the recent ones) many things changed and by this time, we have a  fan base divided beyond believe, I am part of other game's communities and this doesn't happen in the fan-base of other games...

In my opinion, the series lost it's way a long time ago, it as being promoted very poorly, I go to the facebook page of Silent Hill and all I see is Pyramid Head and Nurses (It's a exaggeration, but i think you guys understand what I'm saying). I think that the focus of the series as being changing since Homecoming, after this game it kinda feels like the developers were trying to change what the series were about, while in Origins and Homecoming they at least tryed to make a SH game (if they have succeded or not is not in debate here).

The comic books are, again, another example of bad promotion of the series. I have read all of them, most of then are a mess. The only ones readable are Past Life and Sinners Reward, but those are blank copys of the SH2 plot, the story is different but the concept behind it is exactly the same... And now Anne's Story:

"New game not announced Just wanted to let you know that Konami has announced the brand new Silent Hill: Downpour – Anne’s Story. It’s out this August and the only problem is…. it’s a comic book. No but seriouslyhere’s the news where I read it. Stuff like this is just really bizarre to me. I mean I guess the money involved in licensing and making it isn’t great, but who was asking for a comic book based on the eighth sequel to a video game that was past it’s best more than a decade ago?

Downpour wasn’t very successful, I don’t know anyone that likes it, and just… what? The thing that annoys me is that it shows Konami know it’s still a popular series and they’re willing to make money from it, they just won’t spend the money to make a decent new game. Maybe Alien Isolation or The Evil Within will convince them otherwise but I dread to think who they’ll get to do them.

Konami doesn’t seem to have learnt the lesson Capcom and Square Enix has about about using third rate Western developers and maybe it’s just all better off dead. But I dunno, having a comic book just rubs salt in the wound…"

I totally agree with him... making a comic after a game that was not successful (in terms of sells) makes no sence and it just helps to perpetuate the story of Downpour which, for me, was a mistake.

My point with this blog is to know what you guys think about the past, present and future of silent hill... do you agree with the way the series have been promoted? if not, what do you think should be done?

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