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  • Latas

    What about Silent Hills?

    March 20, 2015 by Latas

    News from konami couldn't be sadder. Kojima will not continue to work on the company, and if that's not enough they're removing his name out the MGSV cover and thus not recognising the importance that man had in the creation and continuation of the konami's best selling and known franchise. 

    Also, the fact that they'll continue to make MG without him ignoring the fact that the series wont work without it kinda makes me remember the way Silent Hill was handled after 2005.

    As for SH, now that kojima will not be working on konami he will also not work in silent hills, and that's a damn shame because, if there was anyone who could bring the serie back, that would be him... Even the fox engine, something that kojima productions had being developi…

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  • Latas

    Did you guys knew about this interview? Anyone knows a link to the interviews given by Takayoshi Sato, mentioned here by Cihi?

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  • Latas

    So, by now everyone knows the big news about the new game and fact that it will be produced by Kojima. It is also known that some former team silent member work in Kojima Productions but the intent with this petition is to include possibily the two most influent people in SH on this project. So if you guys think it's worth it then please sign and spread the word.

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  • Latas

    The Future of Silent Hill

    July 20, 2014 by Latas

    Hi everyone. As you guys know Silent Hill as come a long way since it's origins in 1999. The world was a different place, the gaming industry was also different and in that year came this game "Silent Hill" which was a product of the developers intentions of making a survavel horror along with the tecnological limits of the time and several other factors...

    As time as passed we saw the original team stop working on the series and other developerscoming trying to continue the narrative, first by making a pre-quell, then with a new story supposedly after the events of SH3, then with the reimagining of the original and finally with Downpour... Throughout this games (I mean all of them, not just the recent ones) many things changed and by this …

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  • Latas

    So recently I played the "Born from a Wish" scenario from SH2, and I noticed that in there we find a book called "Lost Memories", this version is different from the one seen in the normal scenario and even mentions Xuchilbara. Also mentioned in the memo we have: 

    "With words of blood,

    drops of mist and

    the vessel of night,

    the grave become an open field.

    The people wept in fear and joy 

    at the reunion..."

    Words of blood = crimson ceremony, drops of mist = white chrism, the vessel of the night = obsidian goblet

    With this said, we can assume that the deity summoned by James in the Rebirth ending is Xulchibara, the red god, right? So if the red god is one that has control over the passage of life and death, could the red god be Valtiel? We see him tu…

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