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Missed Opportunity: Claudia in Silent Hill Origins

Don't get me wrong, I thought Origins did a number of things well. The atmosphere was intact, the gameplay was a neat change-up, I loved the Artaud theatre and the Caliban designs. Plus, as shallow as Lisa's part in the game was, I think they handled the imagery surrounding her well. Her appearance in different locations is mysterious, and it was also nice that they explained Lisa and Kaufmann fighting in the first game's intro; I enjoy the implication that their relationship was sexual. It makes Lisa's character more tragic and 3 dimensional.

But there were a lot of sore points: The new mythology surrounding the Flauros is convoluted, Alessa is out of character, Dahlia doesn't tell us anything new about herself, and there are contradictions about the location and circumstances of the ritual, not to mention Kaufman's part in everything. I can rationalize what the Flauros' purpose was, and come up with excuses to make sense of areas in the plot, but I feel like the game didn't attempt to mesh with the chronology or mythology as well as it could've in the first place, so why bother?

The biggest sore point for me is that we have Silent Hill 3, which gives us tons of new info: Alessa had a friend in Claudia as a child (so where is Claudia in this game?), the Order believes in a Goddess, there's important people like Leonard and Vincent, and there's other information about the Order from games like 2 and The Room. Why didn't Origins incorporate anything outside of the first game? It could be that it was an homage to the first game, which makes sense given the look and feel matching up most with 1. But because of the handling of Alessa (who seemed resentful like the Alessa in the movie) and the use of a Pyramid Head rehash, it feels more like an homage to the first film and the first game.

Instead, it could've been a much needed consolidation of the entire series, featuring characters and information from 1, 2, 3, 4 and in that way really feel like the start to the franchise's mythos, instead of a game featuring characters from only the first game for like a second or two.

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