In my opinion, Downpour is looking good right now. The producers, developers, composers, and writers have gone out of their way to show that they understand that people have been underwhelmed by a few of the past entries. In a world where neither Japan nor the West are producing survival horror games anymore, it's nice to see them trying to give us another one. Even if it isn't as good or like SH 2 and 3, it's looking to be a very fun horror game.

However, the fanbase is still as bad as ever.

I don't think I need to go into how completely uninformed and ignorant a majority of the fanbase is: They've proven themselves, xenophobic (I don't know how many people think every game post 4 was made by Americans), sort of racist (Implying anyone who isn't Japanese can't make psychological horror), and completely ignorant as to what inspired the series (This isn't Japanese horror, people). Tomm Hullett tries to reach out to them and they make him regret working with them. A non-canon spin-off game is released and people scream that the future of the series is ruined (including that horrible website TwinPerfect) like spin-off games have never been made. The developers choose to highlight objects and fans sceam "They're ruining it! They're making this too casual!" A lot of bad fans use "Westernized" as an insult when describing the monster designs or a lesser game of the series. Some declare Origins, Homecoming, and Shattered Memories non-canon simply because they're Western designed.

I honestly think fans have gotten so worked up that they view anything as not being made by Team Silent as automatically bad. If not bad, I believe they're automatically, no matter how good Downpour is, going to have a bias simply because they're not Team Silent/Japanese.

Hopefully, this doesn't affect the game's reception and sales too much.

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