You'd think the Silent Hill series, with such dark and intelligent story lines, its fans would be smarter than the average fanboys and fangirls.

However, after watching youtube's reaction to Book of Memories, I've thought otherwise.

Just a few of the many "beautiful" comments on there:

everyone give this video a thumb down and negative comments, this way; theres a small chance it would get cancelled or would be transfered to a japanese game developer.

plz give it back to the japanese

Up until SH4 (last game by Team Silent), EACH game had original designs for monsters for example!

WTF is this now ??? This is not Silent Hill Anymore.

Where is Japanese Team Silent ?? I Want them back RIGHT NOW !!!

Americans distroyed Silent Hill.

The Best Silent Hill is SH1 - SH2 - SH3 all other is not even look like SH.

Dear Mr Hullet, you are completely a JOKE!!! Thanx to you Silent Hill is totally RUINED by now!! how bout you go home and give this project to the original Japanese producer!!

Silent hill 1, made by Team silent (Japanese people) Brilliant.

Silent hill 2, made by Team silent (Japanese people) Masterpiece.

Silent Hill 3, made by Team silent (Japanese people) Personal favourite.

Silent hill 4, made by japanese, still good.

Americans take over silent hill,

everything after ****.

Is this just an example of people saying crap on youtube that they would never say in real life, or is our community, in general, really this misinformed? I really hope it's the former, but I doubt it is.

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