Reading a lot of thoughts from Silent Hill fans on Silent Hill message boards makes it seem pretty clear that fans are tired of story lines involving the Order. This is understandable: They've appeared in 1, 3, 4, Origins, and Homecoming. However, aren't people feeling the same way about story lines involving guilt? We've had it in 2, Origins, Homecoming (Just about everyone had something to feel guily of in that game. Not complaining :)). And perhaps Shattered Memories had some (It's been a while since I played it and I only played it once).

The latest trailer makes it seem like Downpour's storyline will be more about revenge, which is good. However, there probably will be something horrible he did that he has to pay for. I think we can already add another check to the guilt number list.

What I'd like to see in future is a story line featuring neither of these. Silent Hill is a town that allows for a lot of flexibility and just about anything can happen. It can bring people's most sincere delusions to life. I'd love to see what else we could do with it. What if...

-We played a a little girl or boy who had been abused, they came to Silent Hill, and there dark childish fantasies that only a kid could produce becamereal.

-We played as a painter with writers block who came to Silent Hill, looking for inspiration, and he found it, having no idea just what he got himself into (I didn't like the comic Painted Black, but I liked the idea of a Painter coming to town)

-A bullied man or boy who was used the town's power to create a world to escape into and protect him.

I've enjoyed all 7 of the Silent Hill games. I'm just saying I think developers have depended too much on what the first and especially the second did.

Silent Hill 4 might not have been perfectly executed, but I commend it for really trying to do something different for the series.

What do you guys think?

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