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  • JoshuaShepherd

    The decision to put Pyramid Head in Homecoming was a controversal one. I've heard opinions at every end of the Spectrum: It was awesome, it doesn't make sense, it makes sense but they should come up with something more original, this is proof that it's non-canon, etc. The most common insult is that it was "nothing but fanservice!"

    To me, this last complaint is only half right. Was his appearance there to please fans? Yes, I won't deny that. However, it was much more than that. Even though it was fan service, he represented something deeper than people give it credit for.

    Throughout the game, we see guilt and anger. Sam, Martin, Margaret, and Alex all succumb not only to the guilt of what they've done but also the anger of the childre…

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  • JoshuaShepherd

    In my opinion, Downpour is looking good right now. The producers, developers, composers, and writers have gone out of their way to show that they understand that people have been underwhelmed by a few of the past entries. In a world where neither Japan nor the West are producing survival horror games anymore, it's nice to see them trying to give us another one. Even if it isn't as good or like SH 2 and 3, it's looking to be a very fun horror game.

    However, the fanbase is still as bad as ever.

    I don't think I need to go into how completely uninformed and ignorant a majority of the fanbase is: They've proven themselves, xenophobic (I don't know how many people think every game post 4 was made by Americans), sort of racist (Implying anyone …

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  • JoshuaShepherd

    I've been talking with fans from other sites, and I think that people underrate how important the disturbing imagery is for fear in this series. I believe it's just as important as the psycholgical horror aspect.

    Why do I bring this up? Because I've run into so many people who believe that all the games have going for them is psycolgoical horror.

    Yes, the series does have a good deal of psychological horror in it, but that's not the only thing scary about it. People say "The games really get into your mind. They're not like those crappy violent sadistic American horror movies!" like 6 out of the 7 didn't feature blood everywhere, tons of dead bodies with no purpose to the story, sadistic torture and treatment of people (especially children), mo…

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  • JoshuaShepherd

    You'd think the Silent Hill series, with such dark and intelligent story lines, its fans would be smarter than the average fanboys and fangirls.

    However, after watching youtube's reaction to Book of Memories, I've thought otherwise.

    Just a few of the many "beautiful" comments on there:

    everyone give this video a thumb down and negative comments, this way; theres a small chance it would get cancelled or would be transfered to a japanese game developer.

    plz give it back to the japanese

    Up until SH4 (last game by Team Silent), EACH game had original designs for monsters for example!

    WTF is this now ??? This is not Silent Hill Anymore.

    Where is Japanese Team Silent ?? I Want them back RIGHT NOW !!!

    Americans distroyed Silent Hill.

    The Best Silent Hill i…

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  • JoshuaShepherd

    Reading a lot of thoughts from Silent Hill fans on Silent Hill message boards makes it seem pretty clear that fans are tired of story lines involving the Order. This is understandable: They've appeared in 1, 3, 4, Origins, and Homecoming. However, aren't people feeling the same way about story lines involving guilt? We've had it in 2, Origins, Homecoming (Just about everyone had something to feel guily of in that game. Not complaining :)). And perhaps Shattered Memories had some (It's been a while since I played it and I only played it once).

    The latest trailer makes it seem like Downpour's storyline will be more about revenge, which is good. However, there probably will be something horrible he did that he has to pay for. I think we can a…

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