So it's apparent that not many people like Homecoming, be it for the combat, the characters, or even the story. Me personally, I don't mind it. The characters are okay, the story's quite interesting in my opinion, and as for the combat, I haven't actually played the game myself, but I can see how some people would have difficulty with it.

Now, I've done a lot of thinking about how they could have made the game better, and through this head canon of mine I've really grown to love my version of the story. I'm not denying the canon, I'd never do that. I'm simply saying, "What if?"

So for those who don't know, Elle was originally supposed to be Laura grown up, but they changed it because Elle has a biological mother in the game whereas Laura was an orphan whose parents had died. That right there I think was possibly the biggest mistake. Rather than making Elle a new character, I think they should have simply disconnected her from her mom. Elle barely even mentions her mother anyway, and vice versa. So anyway, here's my thoughts:

After the events of Silent Hill 2, James and Laura leave Silent Hill together. However, James still reminisces on the memories of his and Mary's vacation there, and decides to stay nearby sort of in her honor. In other words (I'm shit at explaining things) because Mary loved Silent Hill so much, James decides to live there so he can be sort of near their "special place". But obviously, after all the shit he went through, he doesn't want to live smack-dab in the middle of Silent Hill, so instead he moves to the nearby town of Shepherd's Glen where Mary's family was from (I'm following the idea of Mary being a Shepherd for this story) and where her brother, Adam, lives with his family.

Since Alex Shepherd doesn't get much attention from his own parents, he decides to go stay at James's house and he and Laura become close. (See where I'm going? James replacing the role of Margaret Holloway as Alex's escape from his family) During their time together, James warns Alex to never venture to Silent Hill (much like Adam does in the actual game) and tells Alex about what happened to him there, and even about Pyramid Head. These stories fuel Alex's active imagination. (you know, the one Adam warns Josh about?) When the kids tell stories about a Bogeyman who takes away children, Alex could easily imagine the Bogeyman appearing as one of the monsters from James's stories. (Like the infamous Pyramid Head???????????) Granted, Alex has never seen Pyramid Head, and he's merely going off vague descriptions from James, it wouldn't look exactly like it does in Silent Hill 2. Therefore giving Pyramid Head, in my opinion, a valid reason for existing in Alex's world.

Laura also befriends Nora, and the two become like sisters. (Rather than actually being sisters) She could also retain some of her rebellious immaturity that she's infamous for, and could have stolen the locket from Nora's mother out of grief of Nora's disappearance the same way Elle does in the game. Just in this case, I'm imagining Margaret strongly disliking Laura, saying she's a rotten thief rather than the slight disgust at Elle's behavior that's in the game.

As an added bonus, Laura develops feelings for Mary's nephew. Now I don't know about you, but I think that sounds flipping adorable. She loved Mary so much, and now she's sort of integrated into her family. (Even though Alex would technically be James's nephew as well, he and Laura aren't related, so it's not weird in my opinion. But think of it what you will. To me, it's no more weird than Cher falling for her step-brother in Clueless.)

So to sum it up:

  • The game connects directly to Silent Hill 2
  • Elle is Laura after all
  • Alex is Mary's nephew
  • Pyramid Head's existence makes sense
  • Alex and Elle's relationship becomes 1000x cuter
  • Margaret is still a bitch and nobody loves her

I haven't noticed any flaws in my changes. If you do, please comment. Tell me what you think. Don't have to agree, but I'm quite proud of what I've come up with so I'm more or less sticking with it.

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