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  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Gamer, artist, and wiki-editor
  • I am Female
  • Jo The Marten

    So it's apparent that not many people like Homecoming, be it for the combat, the characters, or even the story. Me personally, I don't mind it. The characters are okay, the story's quite interesting in my opinion, and as for the combat, I haven't actually played the game myself, but I can see how some people would have difficulty with it.

    Now, I've done a lot of thinking about how they could have made the game better, and through this head canon of mine I've really grown to love my version of the story. I'm not denying the canon, I'd never do that. I'm simply saying, "What if?"

    So for those who don't know, Elle was originally supposed to be Laura grown up, but they changed it because Elle has a biological mother in the game whereas Laura was…

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  • Jo The Marten

    I've heard a lot of people bitch, whine, and moan about Silent Hill: Downpour and its graphical issues. I've learned to work with the game instead of against it, and found that I had little to no issues while playing. I thought this could be helpful information for any players who had issues, or new players who are thinking of buying it and maybe have concerns after hearing all the complaints. Keep in mind: I played Downpour on the PS3, but I hope these methods will help 360 players as well.

    "But Jo, we shouldn't NEED a player's guide! The game shouldn't have any issues to begin with!" That's true, but every game that is developed is bound to have bugs. Hell, have you ever tried pouring Aglaophotis on a Larval Stalker in Lakeside Amusement Park?…

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