I was expecting more creativity on my own behalf when it came to writing, and secretly asking myself for my first blog entry not to be about Walter Sullivan because that'd just be too obvious, being that I've clearly indicated him as my favorite character, but honestly, I can't think of a better topic to write about as a start.

When I first read about Walter, I kept thinking about how he was a cold-blooded murderer, and how his acts could not be justified, being that he did kill innocent children and animals, but reading about his past and how hurt he was, I kept thinking about how it's Psychology 101, it's a common theme for serial killers to let their childhood form their adulthood, but was I merely trying to make excuses for his trauma to be the reason behind all of it, noting Travis Grady also had a traumatic childhood, and he didn't turn into a serial killer and a psychopath  (although there is a theory that states otherwise).

But unlike Travis, Walter did not escape Silent Hill, he was adopted and raised as a child of the Order, being mistreated and abused by Andrew DeSalvo, and manipulated by Dahlia Gillespie to believe his mother was in Ashfield, and it's notable that he starts visiting Ashfield regularly for years, in hopes to be reunited with his mother. Walter's Wiki states "'Dahlia Gillespie, another member of the Order, came to Wish House and told Walter that his mother was "asleep" in Ashfield and that if he did a good job reading the 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother, he could meet her. Every week, Walter traveled from the orphanage to South Ashfield Heights by taking the subway train or the bus, a very long trip for a little boy. Unfortunately, someone else was living in Room 302, preventing him from being reunited with his "mother"." and his journal states "October 17 - The important lady told me my mother was asleep in Ashfield. I have a mother, too! I'm so happy! I want to see my mother. Where is Ashfield anyway?", "October 28 - I have to take a train or something to get to Ashfield. Everyone says Ashfield is a scary place, but I really want to see my mommy."

Walter was told by Dahlia that if he read the 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother, he could see his mother once again, and years later, with that firm belief, he was instructed by George Rosten to perform the 21 Sacraments ritual, and let Valtiel into Walter's subconscious. 

Now, does it justify his actions? Lest we forget he murdered 20 people, some of them completely innocent of any crimes (I don't even want to get started on the moral dilemma of whether or not killing "evil" people is wrong), but can he be blamed for those actions since he was being "mind controlled" and he was deceived and believed that the Holy Mother could be his own mother that would descend and finally "wake up" (being that since Dahlia showed him room 302 and he believed the room was always closed because his mother was "asleep"), and all of the sacrifices and horrific things he had done were with the purpose of being reunited with his mother? Could he be considered a villain knowing these things? Could he only be considered a villain, if we look at his gruesome murders and lack of empathy towards his victims? The more I read about it, the more I feel torn about the subject. Deep inside, I want to feel like his actions were justified by the fact that he was "unaware" that the things he did were wrong, but that doesn't make them any less wrong.