Recently, I finished my copy of SH: Downpour and was quite pleased with the assorted Easter eggs and references to the past games of the series. But lately something has been on my mind. It's a certain Easter egg that pertains to SH: origins own Travis Grady. It all started after wiping my tears away after watching Murphey's death scene. (although i did find it humorous that his last act was calling another grown man cupcake) I quickly found myself wanting more Silent Hill. I decided on playing SH:Homecoming, not only because of the achievements i needed, but also because i love playing Silent Hill. As i was wondering the streets of Shepherds Glen, I came across a lonely semi-truck and immediately my heart started to race. Not only is Travis Grady my favorite SH character, but he's also the only character who can traverse the otherworlds at will, a trait I always thought was above awesome. Anyways, seeing Travis' empty truck drove me crazy. My mind ran wild with scenarios and reasons for the truck being without Travis. What was he doing? Was he on some crazy trucker mission? was he being held captive by the order? Whatever the reason is I hope Konami brings to light the reasons soon. His truck can also be found in SH: Downpour witch you can bet added to my frustration of the matter.

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